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Kenji Tempojin
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PostSubject: Kenji Tempoji   Kenji Tempoji Icon_minitime1Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:24 am

Hi there. My name is Kenji Tempojin (actually that's not really true but it's the name I'll be using here. On a side note, Tempojin means something like "Man in/of the darkness"). I'm a very experienced rpier and chief developer of the nwotn3 revolutionary rp system (nwotn3 is a statistical naruto rp page. Kind of like Ninpocho only better). My favorite Naruto character is Nara Shikamaru and my favorate character of all time is Tetsuo Shima from the manga Akira.

P.S. I like basketball and american football. Unfortunately nobody plays american football where I come from No

Now that that is out of the way I'd like to point out a few things I found strange about this forum. This seems like a free rp type forum yet you have statistical elements like attack, C/S (whatever that is), Defence, genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, health, inteligence, speed, weapon skill and will power. If this is a free style forum then you don't need them, if it's statistical then where are the rules for the system? Also, you posted that anbu can use 4 elements while kages can use 5. That just ain't right. Even Kakashi, Sarutobi and Juraiya couldn't use more than 3. I'm not so sure if even Orochi can use all five, but if he did that would be only because he can change bodies so he'd be an exception.

Oh and I thought you might want to know this:

Mixed elemental kg's:

Ice (wind+water) meaning you have to know wind AND water in order to use ice. This means that genin from the Hyouton clan can use 3 elements even though your rules say they can only have 1. It also means that a person with this kind of blood limit must pick ninjutsu as a primary skill.

Wood (earth+water)

Sand (wind+earth)

Metal (fire+earth)

Gravity (water+lightning)

Fire and lightning can’t fuse because nether is a substantial element.

KG's of pure elements (an elements+light and/or dark manipulation):

Earth+dark manipulation = Rock body - Superior Doton. Character with this KG from the show: that guy who’s like a rock from Naruto Shippuden from episodes 59 to 71. The one that fights with Yamato.

Wind+light/dark manipulation = Superior Fuuton. Tempojin clan.

Lightning+light manipulation = Raiga

Water+dark manipulation = Suigetsu

This is as far as I got

List of non elemental kekke genkais (kg where light and Dark manipulation (Ying-Yang) is the primary (or even only) element):
Shadow (Dark + Light manipulation) - Nara clan (dark is primary)
Clairvoyance (Light + Dark) – Hyuuga clan
Calorie (Light + earth) – Akimichi clan
Bone (Dark + earth) - kaguya clan.
High resolution image processing (Dark + fire) – Uchiha clan
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Kenji Tempoji
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