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PostSubject: Clan Description   Clan Description Icon_minitime1Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:00 pm

It is said that this clan are actually descendants of the Hyuuga Clan, however, it has not yet been proven if they are related and most likely will not be looked into. The clan are known for their ability to use Katon NinJutsu at a young age and because of their chakra reserves, they are able to use it without consuming all of their chakra. However, several years ago, the clan who was reveared as the mightiest of clans in Konoha, was wipped out by own of their own. His name was Uchiha Itachi. Today, only a few Uchiha exist.

Bloodline Description: The Sharingan has been known to copy NinJutsu and TaiJutsu and analyze MOST GenJutsu(A/S-Ranked are not easily analyzed). It can copy NinJutsu, or atleast the hand seals fast enough to copy the Jutsu. However, it is impossible to use the Jutsu if they do not have the Chakra Element. In TaiJutsu, they can completely analyze it, though, it doesn't give them much use their body isn't as strong or can move as fast.

The Sharingan is seperated by 3 levels of power. The first level, has one tomoe(The "dots"), and usually whenever someone an Uchiha unlocks their Sharingan, they have one eye with one tomoe, the other with 2 tomoe. The second level ofcourse has 2 tomoe. There isn't much difference between Level 1 and 2 but it's ability to predict at a higher level. At the final level, it has 3 tomoe and a Sharingan user can finally use GenJutsu using their Sharingan. The more tomoe, the higher analyzation and prediction abilities.

Sharingan Implants- These are people who have surgically received a Sharingan. Their Sharingan is just as good as an Uchiha, however, there are several flaws. One, because they don't have the Chakra Reserve that an Uchiha has, no matter how much of a Chakra pool they have, it will still consume a huge amount of chakra.

Mangekyou Sharingan [ Koleidescope Copy Wheel Eye ]- This level of Sharingan can only be attained when someone has killed someone they consider close to them. They all appear differently, however, they still have the same amount of power. Their prediction and analyzation skills do not increase, but the Jutsu they are able to use and create do. Using Mangekyou Sharingan or MS(for short) consumes alot of chakra(even for Uchiha) and for those with implants, using it for even a short amount of time, drains their physical stamina. Finally, for every time they actually use it, their vision will become blurrer and blurrer until eventually they become blind.

Main Branch and Side Branch- It is said that not all shinobi within the Uchiha clan are able to use Sharingan. Mainly those from the Main Branch are able to, though few from the Main branch are not. And a very few, a small amount of people from the Side Branch are able to. However, once they unlock it, they usually get moved to the Main Branch. IN other words, not all Uchiha are able to use Sharingan.
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Clan Description
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