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 Ichiraku Ramen Shop

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PostSubject: Ichiraku Ramen Shop   Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:08 pm

Standard Ramen
Cost 2 Ryo
Just an ordinary ramen to heal your condition anywhere you are.

Delicious Ramen
Cost 5 Ryo
Mmm! Delicious Ramen to eat! That fills the stomach!

Delux Ramen
Cost 15 Ryo
A bigger bowl of ramen? This could fill up like almost 80% of your health!

Special Edition Ramen-Small
Cost 100 Ryo
A special edition ramen sized small.

Special Edition Ramen-Medium
Cost 120 Ryo
A special edition ramen sized medium.

Special Edition Ramen-Large
Cost 200 Ryo
A special edition ramen sized large

Uber Mystic Ramen
Cost 500 Ryo
Some ramen being produced there. Why is there a glowing aura around this ramen?...

Poisenous Ramen Mixed with Blood
Cost 1000 Ryo
Ewwww!!! Who would wanna eat this?! Probably used for a weapon..

Ramen w/ the topping of 300 year old turtle meat
Cost 3000 Ryo
This may sound really gross but you should try this ramen! It's quite delicious! No, it's fantastic! It's addicting!
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Ichiraku Ramen Shop
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